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The Care and Educational Facility in Kuźnia Raciborska at Mickiewicza Street runs from 1.09.2009 and is manage by The Association „Open hearts to children”. We are a type of a socializing children’s home. The children are in our Facility on the basis of a court order or on an application of their legal guardian.

Our Institution is designed for children and young people both gender, in the age from 3 till 18, and after majority- as usually- until graduation this school that our pupil began before his majority. At the headquarters of our Facility we have two educational groups: group I for small children, and group II for older children. To help our pupils in their empowerment we opened in Racibórz a “family flat” for older children. It runs since 01.09.2010. It is a coeducational flat for ten people in the age from 13 till 18, which learn the independence under the supervision of educators. Our Care and Educational Facility provides for all our pupils a professional help of a psychologist, an educator and a social worker.

The tasks of our Facility are:

  • Twenty four hours ‘care for our pupils;

  • Meeting the essential needs of living and development including the emotional, social and religious needs our pupils;

  • Work with the families of our children- assistance in crisis situations;

  • Collaboration with care and Adoption Centers;

  • Systematic diagnosis of : psychological, educational, health and family situation;

  • Organizations the summer and winter recreation, participation in educational, cultural, sports and recreation activities;

  • Supporting the development by providing the education, assistance in learning, development the interests and individualization the education.

Each of you can support our efforts through:

-direct deposit into the account of our Facility,

- giving gifts in the material form,

- Buying services destined for our children.

Here is our account number:

PKO BH 22 1020 2472 0000 6102 0336 2845

Thank you for all your help!!!!